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Transport Management is complete management software, for transporters, which enables the user to computerize his business needs. It has represented Quality, Reliability and Affordability for the Transportation Industry. Considering transportation is very versatile business, Transport Management built very efficient application to accustom the need of this business.
transport management software
Transport Management Software

Transportation Software has played an important role in managing each and everything associated with this industry. An operation manager or business owner always looks for the ways to reduce headache or enhance efficiency. Same is also applicable in transport industry. Business owners look for the ways to increase their profits without affecting quality of their services.Transportation Management System (TMS) can make it possible to achieve expected profit without affecting quality of services and efficiency.

Transport Management Software Benefits

Those companies which deal in logistics, Transport Management System can be very useful for them. If you deal in it, you should invest in Transport Management System and Transportation Software. No two warehouse management or transport management services may be equal, so you should choose transport management system and software carefully. But before investing in such systems, you better understand the benefits of using these solutions. Here in this guide, we have mentioned some benefits of using transport management system for transportation operations, check them below:

Transport Management Software - WebTrans
  • GP Preparation Through General
  • GP Preparation Through Vehicle
  • Challen through General
  • Challen through Vehicle
  • Trip Sheet
  • Lorry/Hire Slip
  • Pod Through General
  • Pod Through Vehicle
  • Item Master
  • Ledger Account
  • Employee Master
  • Delivery Type Master
  • Package Type Master
  • Insurance Company Master
  • Rate/Lorry Master
  • Generate Invoice
  • GP Report
  • List of Unbilled Gp
  • List of UnDispatched Gr
  • Master View
  • Voucher Register
  • Invoice Register
  • User Preferences
  • User Rights
  • Account Link
  • Account Group Maintenance
  • Insurance Company
The Transport Management is sectioned in two modules:
  • General (except vehicle)
  • Vehicle

More Features

The Transport Management enables the user to:
Generate GR (goods receipt) with variety of options
Insurance details can be captured, if any.
Create Challan with variety of options.
Generate POD, if required.
Generate Invoice, customer wise.
Create multiple vouchers according to the requirement.
Record data when lorry will be hired and generate Lorry Hire Slip.
Generate Trip Sheet for owned Lorries.
Generate Unbilled / Undispatched GRs.
Rate can be saved according to the cities.
Reconcile all cheques with statement of bank.
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