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COGXIM Softwares is an awarded software company based in Jaipur, India. We are one of the highly reputable and trusted IT organisations in the country, serving both local and international clients.

At COGXIM, we develop & deliver bespoke software solutions to businesses in a variety of industries, including but not limited to, automobile, petrol pumps, private financier, transporters and more. We comprise of a technically competent and experienced team of software engineers, programmers and system analysts. More than 3000+ clients that include branded showrooms and workshops, petrol pumps, transport and finance have benefited from COGXIM services.

In addition, we also provide a range of custom software development services, including mobile app development, Android/iOS development, application software development, software consulting, and more to small & medium enterprises. Thanks to our amazing team of passionate & hard-working software engineers, we have successfully built & delivered a great range of software products like Auto Genius, Petro Genius, Transport Genius, among others. We are constantly exploring new opportunities and trends to continue building futuristic software applications of the highest quality.

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