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Cloud Based Petrol Pump/Bunk Accounting, Billing Software - Petro Genius

Petro Genius is certified by RPDA (Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association), Presently running at various places in India & other countries. It manages complete Accounting Inventory of Petrol Pump with full data security. It is a very useful software for the dealers who are the distributor of SKO as well.

Petro Genius (Cloud-based/Online Petrol Pump/Bunk Management Software) is a Complete Accounting & Inventory Software for Petrol Pumps. This Software covers nearly all the functionality of a Petrol Pump/Bunk from Meter Reading to Lubricant Sales, Credit Sales, DIP stock v/s Actual stock, Density, Tank wise stock and lot more… It is successfully installed in Windows XP, Windows-7, 8 & in Windows 10 also.

Salient Features of Petro Genius Software:-

  • Data on Fully Secured Dedicated Server
  • Access to Data and Reports Anytime, Anywhere
  • Data Security from Virus Attacks, Power Failures & Hard Disk Failure
  • Personalised Dashboard for Pump Owners/Credit Customers
  • HR/Payroll Module,  Driver Loyalty Program
  • Complete Control of Pump Owner on Sales & Credit Limits
  • Notification to customer on their mobile app on: 
    1. Generation of Statement
    2. Reaching their Credit limit
    3. Special Offers
  • Outstanding List on Fingertips of the Pump Owner
  • All GST Reports Available
  • Mobile app for Pump Owner
  • Mobile app for Salesman to do daily credit sales
  • Mobile app for Credit customer to:
    1. Monitor their vehicles/daily lifting
    2. Track on Vehicle wise lifting
    3. View Latest/Past generated Credit statement  
    4. Generate QR code for Vehicles
    5. Enable/Disable their vehicles & more…

Petro Genius is GST ready, provides all required reports and calculation as per GST norms, can handle multiple companies & multiple financial years.

Petro Genius is the best Cloud-Based/Online Petrol Pump Management Software in India. It is the most important, efficient Fuel Management Software which aims to manage Petrol Pump/Bunk and grow petrol pump business as well.

The Software has an in-built accounting module which has complete accounting & inventory operations, It is also available with Mobile App (Android & iOS) too.

The Software is running in major states of India.

Apart from India, Petro Genius is being successfully run in Africa, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kenya, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Petro Genius Demo in Hindi :-

Download Petro Genius Mobile App from Google Play & App Store.

General Features
  • Meter Reading – Direct/ Salesman wise/ Shift wise
  • Lubricant Sales – Direct/ Salesman wise
  • Item Loss Entry for HSD/MS and Lubes
  • Tanker/Lorry Movement
  • Salesman wise Sale
  • Stock issues to Salesman
  • Cash Status Salesman wise
  • Stock Position Salesman
  • Credit Limit for Credit Customers
  • Evaporation/ Handing Loss and Testing
  • DSO Report
  • DIP v/s Actual Stock
  • Tank-wise Stock
  • Density Records
  • Credit Statement 1). Party wise with all vehicles in one Bill 2). Separate Statement for separate vehicles
  • Cash Payment to Drivers through Credit Slips
  • Account Maintenance Charges
  • Interest Calculation on Late Receipts
  • Receipt against Individual Sale/ Credit Statement
  • Receipt against SMS on Individual Sales & Statement Generation
Analytical Reports
  • Nozzle wise/ Dispensing unit wise Sales
  • Location wise Sales & Purchase
  • Item wise/ Party wise/ Vehicle wise Sales
  • Month wise Purchase/Sales
  • Salesman wise Day Book
  • Day Book - Consolidated
  • Party wise Outstanding
  • Individual Credit sales wise Outstanding
  • Credit Sales statement wise Outstanding
  • Age-wise analysis
  • Year wise/ Month wise Sales
  • Party wise Analysis
Stock / Inventory Report
  • Item wise/ Value wise Stock Report
  • Calculates Closing stock on As per Purchase Rate/Sale Rate/Last Purchase
  • Location wise Stock Report
  • Salesman wise Stock Report
  • Item Ledger Report
  • Item Movement Report
Bulk SMS
  • SMS on Cash and Credit Sales
  • SMS on Credit Sales to Credit Customers
  • SMS on Statement Generation
  • SMS on Payment Receipt
  • SMS on Delayed Payment
  • SMS on Due Pollution
  • SMS on Birthday & Anniversary
Graphical Reports
  • Month wise Sales/ Purchase
  • Month wise Stock
  • Cash Flow
  • Daily Cash and Credit Sales
  • Sales Comparison Previous and Current Month
  • Year wise/ Month wise Comparison
  • Ledger Account
  • Cash Account & Bank Account
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cost Accounting
  • Ledger Report
  • Cash In & Cash Out
  • Daily Cash balance to track negative cash
  • Trial Balance: Ledger wise/ Group wise
  • List of Debtors and Creditors
  • Trading Report
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet
  • Track of Cash Payment paid to drivers through individual credit sales

More Features

Salient Features of Petro Genius:
Create Multiple Organization & Multiple Financial years. It enables the user to carry forward the closing balance of a financial year to the new financial year.
User can maintain the Meter Reading and enter the Testing & Handling/Evaporation Loss entries.
Vehicle Master - Petro Genius enables the users to store the party's multiple vehicle (very useful in recalling while credit sales entry).
Rate master Date wise & Location wise - This facility helps in storing the rates on different dates.
Item wise profit and loss report is also available.
Credit Sales report is available in following manner: Party, Date, Memo and item wise (Detailed and Summary).
Party wise Credit Sales Report is available with its single vehicle or all vehicles.
Petro Genius is very useful software for the dealers who are the distributor of SKO as well.
This Software gives a Complete Track of Tanker Movement.