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Over the years, we have built a number of tech-driven and highly intuitive software solutions for businesses in a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to finance, automobile, transport, payroll, among others. Our software products today are used by thousands of businesses worldwide.

We have developed & delivered technology solutions focused on services, data/sales management software, petrol/automobile management software, HR & payroll management software, in addition to custom software development according to the unique requirements of our global clients. Besides delivering in-house software solutions & services, our software engineers also specialize in creating bespoke software and applications to solve specific issues in different sectors. Whenever an issue emerges that cannot be solved with existing software, we are ready to build a new solution.

Among our software applications, the most popular and used ones are Auto Genius (Cloud Software for Auto Workshop/Showroom/Garage, Electric Vehicles, 2/3/4 Wheelers), Cloud-based automobile dealership erp software, Petro Genius (Online accounting, billing & automation software for Petrol Pumps), cloud-based petrol pump software, Transport Genius (transport management software application for transport businesses).

As you can see, We develop software applications for businesses in many popular industries with the aim to ease the management tasks, reduce the cost and time required to manage things and improve the overall efficiency. Our software solutions are now being used by business associates of reputable brands such as Hero MotoCorp, TVS, Honda, Yamaha, Bajaj and others for effective management of inventory, sales and finance. Our Automobile Dealership management software – Auto Genius – is an authorised DMS (dealership management system) provider/partner of many leading organisations, including the likes of VOC Automotive, Revolt Motors and RR Kabel Limited.

Our Motto “Making Software Brilliantly Simple” clearly indicates our philosophy, which is to create software solutions that are brilliant in features yet very simple to work with. To know more about services, products and journey, feel free to read About Us. For now, let’s take a look at our best Software Products and the things that make them stand out.

Note: Most of our software products & solutions are cloud-based, which means they can be accessed/used online anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Automobile Dealership Management Software
Auto Genius - Cloud Software for Automobile Workshop/Showroom/Garage

COGXIM Auto Genius is a comprehensive Accounting & Inventory Management Software for the automobile Industry. It enables workshops, showrooms and garages to automate most of their business tasks, including inventory tracking, sales recording, account management, taxation (GST) & billing, labour management, dealer management (DMS), service reminders, performance reporting, etc. in order to improve efficiency & profitability and reduce costs. The software comes in both desktop and mobile (app) variants and can be used for complete management of auto workshops/showrooms of any kind and size.

Desktop Edition : 10,000/- INR + GST (18%) (*T&C Apply)

Online/Cloud Based Edition : 15,000/- INR + GST (18%) (*T&C Apply)

Petrol Pump Software
Cloud Based Petrol Pump/Bunk Accounting, Billing Software - Petro Genius
Petro Genius is a Petrol Pump Management Software that can be used by petrol pumps or bunks for effective automation & management of various business tasks to save money and time. The software can take care of a lot of things in your petrol pump business, which includes sales management & reporting, accounting, inventory recording & reminders, meter reading, credit sales, tank-wise stock, DIP stock v/s Actual stock, among other things. It comes ready to be installed on the Windows OS version 7 and higher and also has a dedicated mobile app.

Desktop Edition : 10,000/- INR + GST (18%) (*T&C Apply)

Online/Cloud Based Edition : 15,000/- INR + GST (18%) (*T&C Apply)

Software for Transport Business
Transport Genius - Cloud Software for Transport Business
Effective management of transport service involves constant tracking, timely reporting and proper taxation (e-way bill). Handling these tasks can be quite time-consuming and costly, especially for small businesses. Transport Genius is a complete Transport Management Software that can be used for automating almost every task associated with your transport business, including but not limited to, GST-compliant accounting, inventory management, GR (goods receipt generation), challan creation, customer invoice generation, lorry data recording & slip generation, trip sheet creation, fleet management & tracking, and more.

Transport Genius (Transport Management Software) : 30,000/- INR + GST (18%) (*T&C Apply)

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