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Vehicle Finance Software in India - Vaanijaya

The success and failure of any business depends on finance management. But finance management can be very challenging and daunting task in today’s competitive environment. A Finance Management Software can be very helpful for you as it helps every small or large business gets good control over finance management.

Vehicle Finance Software – Vaanijaya

A Vehicle Finance Software is used by various companies to govern their expenses, assets, income and much more. It ensures sustainability and helps maximize profits. You can look for Software for Private Finance to face the challenge of managing finance.

  • It helps improve short/long term business performances by bill collection and streamlining invoicing
  • It eliminates accounting mistakes or errors
  • It minimizes record keeping redundancy
  • It ensures compliance with accounting and tax regulations
  • It helps personal to quantify budget plan
  • It offers expandability and flexibility to accommodate growth or any change

Vaanijaya – Vehicle Finance Software :  20,000/- INR (*T&C Apply)

Vehicle Finance Software Solutions

Even a successful company may also face complexities in finance management after a certain period of time. Some business owners may find it difficult to manage multiple business entities. COGXIM understands the need of vehicle finance management system. Here you will get a team of experienced professionals who offer tighter control in the form of vehicle finance management software.

You should also look for experienced companies that can offer good financial management system or software at cost effective price. A good vehicle finance management software can keep track or liabilities, minimize paperwork, keep records updated, ensure data security and integrity, balance multiple bank a/c, coordinate balance sheets, expense and income statements, keep all a/c receivable or payable transparent and much more. COGXIM provides best vehicle finance management software that is fully featured and customized, also fulfill your needs and business objectives.

Simple and affordable pricing.

Vaanijaya – Vehicle Finance Software :  20,000/- INR + GST (18%) (*T&C Apply)
Not Available.
General Features
  • Finance file
  • Multiple Installment
  • Voucher entry
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • List of Due Installment
  • Finance List
  • User Account
  • Rta Report
  • Account Settlement
  • No Dues Certificate
  • User Right
  • Product Master
  • Ledger Account
  • Employee Master
  • Guarantor Master
  • Finance Category Master
  • Agent Master
  • Branch Master
  • Due Installment
  • Finance List
  • Finance Report
  • Down Payment
  • Account Book
  • EMI Report
  • Receipt Report
  • Recovery List

Vaanijaya Software Features

COGXIM understands that in this era of globalization, all the businesses need a solution that is global in nature. So, that it can be easily implemented on all various business models being followed in various countries across the world.
Automatic calculate Amount (Like EMI, Interest, DP, etc).
Generate EMI for 1 month to 6 month (1 month EMI, 3 month EMI, etc).
EMI can be rounded off by multiple of 10.
Calculate Interest with flat/Reduce mode.
Set EMI date different from Finance File Date.
Record, and display via report, due Insurance date of the product, if any.
Capture Borrower information, if any.
Automatic distribute of total amount in EMI.
Automatic calculation of overdue (penalty).
Give rebate as per requirement.
Search criteria with multiple options.
Pre-closure facility of the Loan, with details.
Generate No Dues certificate & RTA Report.
Reconcile all cheques with statement of bank.
Vaanijaya – Vehicle Finance Management Software

Vaanijaya (Vehicle Finance Management Software) is comprehensive and innovative financial management solution that takes a fresh approach to a traditional business function. It is complete accounting software for Financiers. It is an application software that records and processes accounting transactions within different functional modules. Vaanijaya is designed to integrate with Finance Industry and company-specific needs. This solution provides real-time financial visibility and control across people, processes and systems. It is a highly efficient and cost effective solution that goes far beyond basic book-keeping. Vaanijaya is currently running successfully at almost 300+ locations in India & across the world.

Choose the Right Software for Your Business!!!

Just Drop us a missed call at +91-8696666358 and we will call you back.
(*T&C Apply)
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Vaanijaya - Vehicle Finance Software
INR 20,000 (*T&C Apply)
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