At COGXIM, we develop & deliver bespoke software solutions to businesses in a variety of industries, including but not limited to, automobile, petrol pumps, transporters and more. We comprise of a technically competent and experienced team of software engineers, programmers and system analysts. More than 3000+ clients that include branded showrooms and workshops, petrol pumps, transport and finance have benefited from COGXIM services.


Over the years, we have built a number of tech-driven and highly intuitive software solutions for businesses in a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to Automobile, Petrol Pump, Transport, among others. Our software products today are used by thousands of businesses worldwide.

Enterprise Software Solution
Our feature-rich Automobile ERP Software, when implemented into your business process, will enable you to manage various tasks such as marketing, inventory, sales records, labour performance, resources, delivery, vendor, and customer support at one place, thus reducing the cost and time required to manage everything separately.
Automobile Industry
We build next-gen automobile software solutions that are created to meet the specific needs of your automobile business customers and are in line with the latest industry trends. All our software products are highly secure, mobile-optimized, and ready to integrate and are offered with unlimited customizations.
Petrol/Gas Stations
COGXIM has years of experience in building comprehensive, software solutions for petrol & gas stations to help optimize processes and increase efficiency. Our all-inclusive petrol pump software can be readily integrated into your existing systems to automate things like accounting, sales tracking, billing, customer records, and overall management.
We at COGXIM have built feature-rich, customizable transport management software solutions for hundreds of clients across the country and take pride in being the #1 provider of transport software services & solutions to transport businesses. Our all-in-one transport software will take care of all your logistics business management needs.

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