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A Complete Information Guide to Petro Genius – Cloud Software for Petrol Pump

You are here, which means you want to know about the best cloud software for petrol pumps. Well, here you’ll find all the information you may need to know about Petro Genius petrol pump software, including what Petro Genius is, its features, how it works and why it is the perfect software application for your petrol pump.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is Petro Genius?

Petro Genius is an RPDA-certified, cloud-based petrol pump or bunk management software that can be used for managing accounts, inventory, billing, among other things, at a petrol station.

Cloud Software for Petrol PumpAs one of the best software for petrol pumps in India, Petro Genius can be used for the complete day-to-day management of operations, accounts, sales, transfers, etc. at a petrol pump. The software employs high-end data security and uses a dedicated server to securely store the business data. Other top features of Petro Genius Cloud Petrol Pump Software include:

  • Cloud-based – Access to Data and Reports Anytime, Anywhere
  • Data Security from Virus Attacks, Power Failures & Hard Disk Failure
  • Personalised Dashboard for Pump Owners/Credit Customers
  • HR/Payroll Module
  • Driver Loyalty Program
  • Complete Control of Pump Owner on Sales & Credit Limits
  • Notification to customer on their mobile app on: 
  1. Generation of the Statement
  2. Reaching their Credit limit
  3. Special Offers
  • Outstanding List on Fingertips of the Pump Owner
  • All GST Reports Available
  • Mobile app for Pump Owner
  • Mobile app for Salesman to do daily credit sales
  • Mobile app for Credit customer to:
  1. Monitor their vehicles/daily lifting
  2. Track on Vehicle wise lifting
  3. View Latest/Past generated Credit statement  
  4. Generate QR code for Vehicles
  5. Enable/Disable their vehicles & more…

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How It Works – How to Use Petro Genius for Petrol Pump/Bunker Management

Petro Genius is a paid software application that you can purchase in desktop, mobile or online variants from the seller website. Once you have purchased the software, you’ll get unique log-in credentials that you can use to log into the web/cloud portal of Petro Genius.

After logging-in, you can see a snapshot of your petrol pump business right on the dashboard, with details like month-wise purchase report, available stock (inventory), outstanding list, year-wise purchase comparison, etc.

At the top, there are options to access important features like Meter Reading, Lubricant Sale, Credit Sale, Voucher Entry, Day Book, and Purchase Invoice.

To access other features & options, you can open the left sidebar by clicking the > button. Here the options are as follows:


Master – Create master lists for various entities like vehicles, salesman, items, area, tank, etc.

Petro Genius Vehicle Master

PetroGenius Salesman Master

PetroGenius Item MasterPetroGenius UOM MasterPetroGenius Rate Mastera. Vehicle Master – Use the option to create the Vehicle Master data.
b. Salesman Master – Here goes the salesman master data.
c. Item
      (i)Item Master
      (ii)Item Group
      (iii)UOM Master
       (iv)Rate Master
d. Area/LocationPetroGenius Area Head Master

  • Area Head Master
  • Branch Master
  • Location Master


  • Lorry Master
  • Tank Maintenance

Petro Genius - Tank Maintenance Report

Petro Genius - Dispensing UnitDispensing

    • Manufacture Master
    • Dispensing Unit
    • Dispensing Unit Type


Petro Genius - Meter Reading

Petro Genius - Credit SalePetro Genius - Lubricant SalePetro Genius - Sale Bill GSTPetro Genius - Bill Generation    Sale – Entry of different sale records, including:

  • Meter Reading – direct/ salesman-wise/ shift-wise
  • Lubricant Sales – direct/ salesman-wise
  • Credit Sales
  • Sale Bill (GST)
  • Daily Receipt
  • Item Loss Entry for HSD/MS and Lubes
  • Bill Generation
  • Bill Receipt

Petro Genius - Purchase BillPetro Genius - Lube Purchase Bill    Purchase – Entry of different purchase records, including:

  • Purchase Bill
  • Purchase Bill HSD/MS
  • Purchase Return
  • Lubricant Purchase

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Petro Genius - Daily DIPPetro Genius - DIP MasterDIP

  • Daily DIP
  • DIP Master


  • Material Transfer – material transfer details form
  • Stock Assignment – stock issued to salesman
  • Stock Adjustment – Adjustment in stock


  • Tanker Maintenance
  • Station Maintenance
  • Tanker Movement – tanker movement recording & details

PetroGenius - Credit Sale ReportPetro Genius - Sale ReportReport(s) – Options for tracking detailed reports for sales, stock, daybook, and analytics

  • Sale
    • Sale Report – detailed reporting of sales made, date-wise, salesman-wise & location-wise
    • Sale Report Summary
    • Credit Sale Report
    • Bill Register
    • Statement Printing – check, preview and print/download statements

PetroGenius - DSO ReportPetroGenius - Ledger MasterPetro Genius - Stock ReportStock

  • DSO Report
  • DIP Reading v/s Actual
  • Item Ledger Report
  • Item Movement Report
  • Tank-wise Stock Report
  • Stock Report
  • Rate Difference Report

Petro Genius - Daybook SummaryDay Book

  • Detail Sale Report
  • DayBook – An overview of day’s sales & transactions
  • DayBook Summary

PetroGenius - Month wise Stock ReportAnalytical

  • Fast and Slow Report
  • Month-wise Stock Report
  • Tanker Movement Report


This is where all accounts, including masters, entry and reports can be managed. The options here are:

PetroGenius - Account LinkMasterPetro Genius - Ledger MasterMaster

  1. Account Link
  2. Ledger Master
  3. Account Head
  4. Account Sub-group
  5. Narration Master
  6. Currency Master
  7. Category Master

Petro Genius - Commission SlabDiscount

  • Commission Slab – details of commission, item-wise & salesman-wise
  • Discount Slab – details of discounts, item-wise & salesman-wise

PetroGenius - Voucher EntryEntry

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Voucher Entry

Petro Genius - Age Wise AnalysisReport(s)

  • Account Book
  • Final Book
  • Outstanding Receipts
  • Age-wise Analysis


  1. Master
  2. Employee Master – add new employee details, address, emergency contact, etc.
  3. Designation Master
  4. Miscellaneous Master
  5. Investment Head Master


Petro Genius - Cash Payment ReportCash Payment Report – maintain and search cash payments by date.



  1. Account Posting Checklist
  2. Sale/Purchase Checklist
  3. DayBook Checklist
  4. Voucher Entry Checklist
  • Document Master – recording of business documents
  • Document Upload – upload user documents
  • User Rights – Assign user rights
  • User Preference – Update user preferences for accounts, general, purchase, sales, and printing
  • Change Password
  • Company Master
  • Schedule Reminder
  • Opening Ledger
  • Opening Stock


The option is to be used for tracking registers/records of new accounts, GST details and VAT.

Petro Genius - Voucher RegisterAccount Register

  1. Cash Payment Register
  2. Voucher Register
  3. Debtor Register
  4. Purchase Register

Petro Genius - HSN wise ReportPetro Genius - Month wise Stock ReportGST Register

  • GST Invoice-wise Report
  • GST Summary Report
  • GST HSN-wise Report
  • GST B2B-B2C Report
  • GST 3B Report

Petro Genius - Profit Loss AccountPetro Genius - VAT RegisterVAT Register

  • VAT-7
  • VAT-8

About Petro Genius

Read in brief about Petro Genius software, features, etc.


Access to easy & quick help related to the use or set-up of the Petro Genius Software for petrol pumps in India.

  1. Submit Ticket – use the option to submit a new ticket, complaint or query
  2. Watch Videos for help setting up and using the software utility
  3. Tips & Tricks
  4. Learn More

As one of India’s leading Fuel Station Software, Petro Genius is being used by petrol pumps all across the country & globe, including most cities of Rajasthan & other states of India. To know more or to request a free demo of Petro Genius, visit

Petro Genius Demo in Hindi:-

Petro Genius Demo in English:-

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