Accounting Software for Petrol Pump

What Makes Petro Genius the Best Petrol Pump Software of India?

Petrol pump software is a digital tool or application that allows you to manage various tasks such as accounting, inventory management, sales tracking, etc. at your petrol pump from one place, i.e. a computer or Smartphone, from anywhere in the world. Using Cloud Software for Petrol Pump will enable you to improve efficiency and reduce cost at your facility.When selecting and buying a petrol pump management tool, your first concern should be the software features. The more the features, the better a software usually is. At the same time, you should also consider your budget.

Today, I am going to tell you about one of the most amazing and feature-rich petrol pump software in India that is designed to bring efficiency to your petrol pump and can be easily customized for any of your specific business needs.

Petro Genius is cloud software for petrol pump that lets you automate tasks like billing, accounting, sales, inventory tracking, database, among others. The RPDA – Certified petrol pump software is now used by hundreds of businesses in India and abroad.

Now, let me tell you why Petro Genius is the best petrol pump software in terms of features.

Petro Genius – A Cloud-based Billing Software for Petrol Pump

Petro Genius is a comprehensive online petrol pump or bunk management application that lets you manage complete inventory and accounting of your petrol pump along with a full and secure recording of data & records like sales records, billing, inventory data, and more.

Billing Software for Petrol PumpFrom meter reading to fuel purchase and sales, credit sales, billing, DIP stock v/s actual stock, lubricant stock, density, and sales tracking, it can cover almost everything at your petrol pump business. Also, it comes in a cloud-based variant, which you can access from anywhere to manage your business on the go.

Here are some other features that make Petro Genius an absolute best in the industry.

Accounting Inventory Software for Petrol Pump

As a complete accounting & inventory software, Petro Genius lets you automate everything from billing, sales, invoice generation, purchase reporting, etc. All the records are automatically stored on a secure server.

Accounting Software for Petrol PumpSecure Data Storage

All the data and records of your business, including sales records, bills, purchase data, etc. are securely stored in a dedicated database on the cloud server to ensure security and centralised access. Data & records can be accessed by you from anywhere. All the business records are kept secure from attacks, hacking and issues like hard disk failure.

Cloud Based

The cloud-based software can be accessed and used online (via website) without having to install the software on your computer. So, you can easily manage and run your petrol pump business anytime from anywhere.

HR/Payroll Module

The software also integrates the payroll feature, through which you can easily and efficiently manage your employee records, including attendance, salary, leave, and more. It also has a Driver Loyalty Feature that lets you reward loyal drivers and customers.

Cloud Based Petrol Pump SoftwareGST Compliant

The Petro Genius – Cloud Based software for petrol pump is integrated with GST features, such as GST compliant billing, GST reporting, taxation, e-way billing, among others.

Other salient features of the Petro Genius billing software for petrol pump include:

    • Personalised dashboard for pump owners/credit customers,
    • Owner’s complete control over sales & credit limits,
    • Customer notifications for statements,
    • Credit limit and special offers

There is also a dedicated Petro Genius mobile app that you can use to operate and manage your petrol pump business on the go.

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