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How to Manage an Electric Vehicle Workshop via Auto Genius

Management is very rudimentary to obtain efficient results when you have any automobile workshop. There are thousands of parts that go with a vehicle and keeping the record of every single one with a constant reminder of the status of the available stocks so that you can never run out of anything can be far more exhausting than just thinking about it. Also, the number and name of parts show more hardship in keeping the track when the vehicle is electric. Creating bills whether they are against some job that was done in the workshop or some essential part that was just sold, managing the labor and their expenses, tracking the warranty or service cards, Maintaining your balance sheet or evaluation of your profits etc. It all becomes a headache as when is not done exactly as needed to be and then it goes otherwise it not only affects your performance and quality but also can show a hard hit on your profits. For solution, you can use ERP software for electric vehicles or best software for automobile workshop.

E Vehicles Workshop SoftwareIf you own an automobile workshop, you know that these problems are as real as they can be and even a tiny mistake with them is not something which can be afforded. The very easy solution to all these problems with many others is only one. Good and efficient automotive workshop management software. The entire suffocating problem can be swept away by a single solution of using a genuine. Auto Genius is number one in this category to provide complete software for your workshop. It allows you to easily manage showroom, spares, workshop service center, accounting & admin and may more on one system.

Auto Genius - Software for Electric VehiclesWhat Auto Genius Do?

1. Automobile Inventory Management: Auto Genius  automotive workshop management system efficiently keeps all the records of your available inventory and gives you a reminder whenever the attention is needed to any kind which allows to never go out of the stock of anything and at the same time, it keeps you aware of the status of inventory.

Automobile Inventory Software2. Job Order/Warranty & Labor Management: Issues like warranty period available on your spare parts,  issuing job orders and maintain the record of the labor spent on a job is a task which many times turn out to be a pain to endure. Well, Auto Genius is again the solution. It helps you keep the record of all the labor that has been spent, warranty on the parts that have been sold or bought into and if any material was issued to anything.

3. Tally Integration and All GST Reports: The very basic feature that is required in any such software is well inhibited in Auto Genius. Preparing all GST reports without committing any single error is the forte of the software and tally integration goes into it without even saying.

4. Due Service Reminders and SMS Facility: Reminding the customer when their vehicle has its service due by messaging is a the specification in Auto Genius which gives you an edge over your customer by showing how aware you are about the customer as it reminds the customer by sending an SMS to their phones  that the service of their vehicle is now due.

Workshop Garage Software5. Preparing Sales, Performance, Stock, and Finance Reports (Month wise/Day wise/Stock wise): Preparing the sales reports of your workshop or analyzing performances or stock availability or going for the financial reports it all becomes a very hectic process. But the Auto Genius is a top-notch solution which makes it very easy to go by and efficient to come with. Whether you want your reports as per Day or par month, it does it all with a single click of the computer.

After knowing all this, It becomes very clear that how a simple software is necessary to make any workshop work efficiently and perform without any mistake by maintaining the quality as well as quantity. Auto Genius being the top software in this category is the easy choice of for anyone who wants the Automobile workshop to perform without any resistance. As it always has been suggested by almost everyone, “Go for the best”.

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