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Today, the entire business world is going digital. Even businesses that offer services or sell products physically are using the technology to expand their reach and acquire more, new customers online. For those running an auto dealership, using a dealer management system is the wise choice for many reasons.

AutoGenius - DMS for Automobile IndustryThe auto business Industry is getting complicated each day. Running an auto dealership is not as easy now as it was until a couple of years back. With challenges like lack of automation, disoriented workplace, lack of synchronization, and complex administrative tasks, it can be devastating to properly manage your dealership let alone hope to grow it. On top of that, customers’ requirements and expectations are changing dramatically, which also needs to be addressed if you hope to run a successful dealership.

A Dealership Management System (DMS) for Automotive Industry can help optimize and efficiently manage your dealership business while achieving the goal of improved customer satisfaction. Here’s how:

What is Dealer Management Software (DMS)?

A dealer management software or system is a software package that comprises a suite of tools for auto dealers to effectively manage their dealership, automate tasks like sales tracking & billing, get real-time updates, and use statistics for decision making. The software allows dealers to manage all their business operations from a single platform, thus reducing cost and time.

In order to achieve the desired success for your auto dealership, you need a system that can facilitate seamless communication between OEMs, dealers, and customers. And that’s exactly what you get from the Auto Genius Cloud Software for Car/Bike Dealers.

Cloud Software for Bike DealersFrom the auto manufacturers to dealers and customers, everyone can use the software for improving interactions with each other. The Auto Genius DMS is designed with a focus on the modern needs of the auto industry and provides all the advanced services like inventory management, customer management and response, sales recording, payment tracking, online service booking, finance data & records, etc. in one place. Being cloud-based, the system can be accessed from anywhere to get real-time insights into the business. DMS for car dealerships can help dealers keep track of every customer, lead and sales in an efficient and time-saving manner.

What can Dealer Management Software do?

Among the many things that the Auto Genius DMS will do for your business, the best ones are as follows:
  • Automate the tracking of sales and orders
  • Track the dealership performance in terms of sales, growth and profits
  • Help manage inventory and send ‘out of stock’ alerts
  • Track the customer interaction to ensure satisfaction
  • Manage records of expenses and payments in a centralized database
  • Provide real-time insights & data for better decision making
  • Manage dealership accounts & finances and report discrepancies
  • Real-time analytics of order status with dealers & OEMs
  • Maintain a healthy communication between customers, dealers and manufacturers
Auto Genius - ERP Software for Automobile IndustryTo sum up, the right dealership management system can greatly improve the efficiency of your auto dealership while reducing cost and time in management. Besides, it will help strengthen customer relations through better quality service, support and communication. But remember, choosing the right DMS is the key to success. Auto Genius Cloud Software for Tractor Dealership with its comprehensive set of tools and advanced features might just be the DMS you need to achieve great results for your auto dealership.


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