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Genius HRM Payroll Software – A Complete Tool for All Employee Management Needs

Your search for the Best Payroll Software in India ends here!

Genius HRM – Payroll Software is a complete payroll processing and management system that assists HR professionals and companies with efficient management of their employees, organisation data & records, salary transactions, leave tracking, and more.

Genius HRM is a Payroll System designed based on the input of multiple payroll customers/users and to ensure maximum performance. It’s a highly reliable, feature-rich and user-friendly HR software that is now trusted by hundreds of businesses in India and overseas. Moreover, we are in the continuous process of updating and upgrading our software to meet the growing demands and expectations of our clients in different industries.

If you want to know whether this is the best HR software for you or want to explore more of its features & benefits, please continue reading.

What does a payroll system do?

The most important job of a payroll system is to automate the HR management processes & tasks in order to make it easier and affordable for HR professionals to keep track of employees, leaves, salary, insurance, etc.

Here are some of the things you can do with the Genius HRM Payroll Software:

  • Payroll management
  • Tax processing
  • Customized reporting
  • HR tracking and management
  • Employee salary management
  • Attendance and leave tracking
  • Manage employee benefits

Genius HRM Payroll Software Features

Many of our clients consider Genius HRM to be the best and most feature-rich payroll software they have used to date. Here are some of the things/features that make Genius HRM stand out from the competition.

HRMS SoftwareUser-friendly Interface

To make it easy for just anyone to learn & use the software, Genius HRM integrates a super easy-to-use and customer-friendly interface that can be accessed online (web-based) from anywhere in the world.


We understand your business is different from others and may have unique HR requirements, which is why Genius HRMS Software is designed to be very easy to customize. You can modify the software design, colours, fonts and different features to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Competitive Pricing

Besides being one of the best Payroll Software in India, it’s also the least expensive, which any small business or even a startup can afford without making a hole in their pockets. We use the best of technology and automation to keep our prices competitive.

How can Genius HRM Payroll Software Benefit your organization?

Among other things, the Genius HRM software will help automate most of the payroll tasks and processes in your organisation so that you can get more time to focus on business growth.

HR Payroll SoftwareIt enables you to automatically record and manage employee attendance and track leaves so as to remove the hassle of managing time cards. The integrated online attendance management system can be directly attached with your company’s employee punching machine to keep track of attendance and manage payroll accordingly.

The best benefit of using Genius HRM payroll software is the reduced cost of managing everything manually. Moreover, it eliminates the probability of expensive human errors and fraud in HR processes. The software is designed to be highly secure and is password-protected.

Other benefits include an easy to set-up and use interface, dedicated mobile app, web-based software (no need to install anything), free daily email alerts with punch records, etc.

To enquire about Genius HRM price quotes or to know more about our software/services, call us today at +91-8696666358, +91-9119121121!

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