Petrol Pump Software

Features of Petrol Pump Software

Managing a petrol pump is not to easy. Petrol Pump employees have to face various challenges on daily basis in maintaining Stock volatile fuel, tracking sales record and maintaining accurate accounts data. Apart from these, the evaporable nature of Petrol and Diesel makes it more difficult for petrol pump employees to maintain the exact accountability and inventory reading. Due to these difficulties in maintaining a petrol pump Cogxim had developed a Petrol Pump Software named as PETROGENIUS  a complete accounting and inventory management software.

Now every one would like to know how it can help in doing so. Let go through the 4 Major attributes for Petrol Pump Management Software.

  • Absolute Control Over Your Inventory

    A slight difference in your inventory count can lead to massive loss in profit margins for your business. To handle this there is a meter reading & miscellaneous sales report to ensure that sales records match your inventory numbers.

  • Integrated Accounting & Billing

Accounting and billing are integrated features of petrol pump software. Through this they can keep the track of accounts on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual basis. Even you can generate bill receipts instantaneously.

  • Efficient Way to Manage Sales

Petrol Pump employees can manage fuel sales register, bill collection, challan registers, and credit sales statement in a very efficient and simplified way.Petrol pump software integrates different verticals of sales and analytics to ensure enhanced performance.

  • Assured Data Protection

PetroGenius is built with encryption standards and security considerations; this ensures that your data remains yours. You can restrict data access of employees by creating different user accounts this will helps in maintaining records differently. In this digital era data protection is a serious concern and PetroGenius helps to ensures that.

We have gone through the advantages of using a petrol pump software, now the question arises

Which Petrol Pump Software Should You Choose?

Petrol Pump Software is designed to manage the details of Inventory, Tankers, Stocks, Fules, Sale and it integrates accounting, billing, reporting.

Some of key features of petrol pump management software are:

  1. Meter Reading
  2. Lubricant Sales
  3. Handling Loss
  4. Testing
  5. Evaporation Loss
  6. Daily DIP
  7. Tank Wise Stock
  8. DSO Report
  9. Credit Sales
  10. Vehicle Wise Billing
  11. Tanker Movement
  12. Density Chart
  13. DIP vs Actual Stock.

A petrol pump management software like Petro Genius will be beneficial for any petrol pump. Its detailed modules coupled with rich features will surely make your petrol pump pop and sparkle, like a diamond in the rough.
So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us to leverage the power of petrol pump software in your fuel station.

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