Complete Guide For Auto Genius

The Complete Guide For Auto Genius

Auto Genius – automobile dealership management software which is a completely well known and highly accepted accounting and inventory management software package for management information system and it is created specifically for the automotive industry or car dealerships.

Auto Genius - Best Automobile SoftwareThe Auto Genius systems often contain software by Cogxim Technologies that cater to the basic needs of the organization like finance, sales, parts, inventory and administration components of running the dealership. And automating tax returns is one of the functions. Not only this, it has more sophisticated features that can include Analytical Reports, Counter Sales, Graphical Report of purchase & sales and job order in stock report.

Various other companies provide you much higher prices for automobile software whereas Cogxim Technologies provides you the software at very effective pricing and much efficiently. And not only this, we have our product dealers as small businesses to large enterprises and government also one of our dealers.

When we talk about Auto Genius, we all know that it is specifically designed for the Automobile industry which covers 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, tractor, and multi-brand sales purchase and working in the workshop. Cogxim Technologies have served in India and in other countries like Australia, Africa, UK, the USA, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan for our Auto Genius product.

The main advantage of automobile software is better visibility of revenues and expenditures. Don’t you think it makes your work easier? Will it change the way of management? I think, our products have the capacities that make your work easier such as Job Order trace, Stock Report & Stock Maintain and Manpower Performance. Controlling Management as in the software gives you complete analysis reports, which helps the top level to take decisions of your organization. Nowadays, newer automobile management software has seen the usage of mobile platforms also.

Auto Genius- Workshop/Garage SoftwareThe Main Features of Auto Genius

  • Vehicle Sales/Purchase, Inventory Modules, Financer/Executive wise Sales, Model/location/Date/Month wise Sales 
  • Stock Report Month/Model/Color/Location/Network wise, Stock Maintenance at multiple Locations 
  • Automatic Parts Order Generations, Quantity wise Stock, Workshop Performance Report, Mechanic/Supervisor performance Report, ABC Analysis, Vehicle History Card
  • Job Order/Material Issue/Sales Against Job
  • P&L/Balance Sheet, Service Reminder, Easy To Use & Setup, Cost-Effective, Customizable, Modular & Flexible, Service/Workshop module, Labor allocation/Labor assign
  • Workshop Sale/Purchase, Stock Report, Rack/Bin wise Stock, Parts Ledger, Quantity wise Stock 
  • Vehicle Purchase/Sale/Service/Repair, Analytical Reports, List of pending Purchase/Sales, Graphical Report of Purchase
  • GST Ready Complete Accounting, Billing, Inventory operations

Cogxim Technologies always picks a better solution for their clients, and it helps them to take the next step in Automobile Dealership Business. Our company has some unique approach to manage the complex features of the software and it delivers software solutions in a very user-friendly method. You can manage accounting and inventory of automobile workshop easily by Auto Genius.

We are talking about Automobile Dealership Industry, which has very different challenges and unique requirements. The team of Cogxim Technologies Pvt. Ltd. completes all the requirements of top management at their levels for our clients as in Automobile Dealership Management Software.

Automobile Accounting & Billing SoftwareCogxim Technologies offers such services as in custom based software development products. The software, which our company provides, will keep complete surveillance on your business and we assure 100% increase in revenue overall. This automotive solution software of which is talking about is already implemented by our high expertise software developers. This software is much more secure than the multiple traditional software and it’s a highly scalable hierarchy through which the software is easily accessible.

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