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Cloud Based Petrol Pump Software (Petro Genius) – A New Revolution in Petrol Pump Management

When running a petrol pump, you have to take care of a number of day-to-day business operations, such as accounting, inventory tracking, employee records & performance, sales recording, monthly reporting, and more. Now, most petrol pump owners prefer to hire a professional manager for petrol pump management, but even that cannot guarantee 100% efficiency and ensure productivity. So, what else can you do?

Software for Petrol PumpHave you heard about or ever used petrol pump software? If not, it’s the right time to buy and use the best online software for petrol pump to automate your business processes and achieve better productivity and improve profits.

What is Petrol Pump Software?

A Petrol Pump System is a software application that can integrate all the major tasks at your petrol pump in one place, allowing you to easily and effectively manage day-to-day operations and track the use & performance of the various resources at your facility.

Depending on the type, Petrol Pump or Fuel Management software can manage a range of operations, including automated accounting, inventory management (sending alters when you’re low on stock), meter reading, fuel management (inventory, sales and leakage), credit sales, and more. This will, in turn, save you a lot of time and money, which you can spend on other important components of the business.

Petrol Pump Software has some key attributes & can be of different types. Depending on the platform, Petrol Pump Management software can be of three types: desktop-based, online (cloud-based), and mobile app.

Why Cloud-based or Online Petrol Pump Software is the best

When planning to buy a petrol pump management system, you can either opt for a desktop-based version or cloud-based software. Desktop-based software can only be used from a particular computer where it is installed, whereas online petrol pump software can be accessed & used from anywhere and at any time. This will ensure you can control and manage your petrol pump business from anywhere, even when travelling.

Petro Genius – The Best Cloud Based Petrol Pump Software in India

Petro Genius is India’s leading petrol pump management & tracking software that is presently used by hundreds of petrol pump owners and dealers across the country. It’s an RPDA (Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association) certified software solution for petrol pumps.

Fuel Station Management SoftwarePetro Genius is a comprehensive petrol pump or bunk management tool that can be used to automate and integrate a number of processes at your petrol pump, including accounting, inventory tracking, data management, meter reading, lubricant/fuel sales, credit sales, volume tracking, GST-compliant billing, report generation, tracking of the outstanding balance, QR code generation, credit statement generation, and more.

By automating all these processes with the help of Petrol Station Management Software, the petrol pump owners or managers get a better way to control the various operations of their business and track the use of resources to ensure there is no wastage. Also, it will help improve the overall productivity of your business by automatically identifying the leaks and cutting unnecessary costs. It will also streamline the entire supply chain in one place and use a single database for records, thus avoiding the common errors such as duplication of data.

Other notable features of the Best Online Software for Petrol Pump include:

  • Secured Data storage on the company server,
  • Dedicated mobile app,
  • Personalised dashboard for owner & customers,
  • HR/Payroll facility,
  • Driver loyalty program,
  • GST Reporting etc.

Petrol Genius is a cloud-based solution, which means it is designed to work online. The owner/customer can access and use the software by logging into their Petro Genius account securely from anywhere in the world.

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