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The increasing price of fuel has put everyone associated with this business in a state of jeopardy. At the time of writing this article, the price of petrol in Delhi was over Rs 80/litre while that of diesel was around Rs 74/litre.

As always, one of the major impacts of fuel price rise is on petrol pumps, who often start seeing a decline in the number of customers whenever such things happen. It’s not that people will altogether stop using their vehicles as the petrol price is increasing, but it will certainly have some impact on the people’s habits and they might be motivated to make less use of fuel-driven vehicles. This will, of course, affect petrol pump businesses who might not get as many customers as before.

Petro Genius - Cloud Based Petrol Pump SoftwareSo, what can you, as a petrol pump owner/manager, do to ensure that your business not only survives but thrives in these testing times?

Well, today, we are going to discuss some tips for petrol pumps to increase customer retention and sales despite the increasing petrol prices, including the importance and benefits of a Software for Petrol Pump.

How to get more customers to your petrol pump

The trick to getting more petrol sales and customers is to improve the customer satisfaction rate. Here’s how.

Petrol Pump Software

Of course, you must have heard about petrol pump systems or software. It’s a digital utility/platform that allows you to manage various operations, resources and inventory at your petrol pump from a common interface. Cloud software for Petrol Pump is the best, as it lets you manage and oversee your business operations from anywhere at any time.

Software for Petrol PumpThe Fuel Station Software will ensure seamless management of business processes, funds, sales, customers, inventory and other things. In short, it will help improve business efficiency and enable you to serve your customers in a better way, increasing customer satisfaction & retention rate.

Offer More than Fuel

Even though a customer visits your petrol pump just for fuel, he/she won’t usually mind an impeccable service accompanied with free offers. In short, your goal should be to make the customer feel welcomed and even appreciated so that they don’t think twice before coming to you again.

Petrol Pump Software OffersWhat you can do is offer them a free service or give discounts, offer free pollution checks, give free vehicle maintenance tips, provide free water/washroom facilities, offer free WiFi, among other things.

When all other petrol pumps are offering fuel at the same price as you, it’s these little extra things that will help you stand out.


With the increasing popularity of rewards on fuel, nowadays many petrol pumps have started offering reward plans to their customers. This is a nice way to attract more customers and retain the existing ones, something which you can also try at your petrol pump.

You can partner with a bank to offer rewards/cashback upon using that bank’s card for making payment at your petrol pump, or you can have a dedicated reward point system offering free fuel in exchange for points.

Looking for the best Accounting software for petrol pump? Check out COGXIM Petro Genius – a comprehensive & affordable Cloud based software for petrol pumps.

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