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How to Increase the Profit of Garage/Workshop via Cloud/Online Software

The business world is going digital. And rightly so. To be able to meet the customers’ changing needs and continue to provide quality services to them, it is imperative for businesses to use advanced tech solutions. If you run a garage/workshop and have no digital presence whatsoever, you might be missing on a lot of business opportunities. Cloud software for Bike/Car Workshop can help not only get your business online but also increase its efficiency and overall revenue. To know how, keep reading.

Auto Genius - Cloud Software for Workshop/GarageGetting your garage business on the cloud (server) will not only allow you to better reach customers but also it will help improve the business efficiency & productivity. For instance, the best DMS Software for Auto Dealers can help streamline the business processes such that the various entities of your workshop, including accounting, payroll, marketing, customer info, etc. are all accessible from a single interface and from anywhere in the world.

Curious yet? Here are some other ways Cloud Software for Workshop/Garage/Showroom can help increase your profits.

How to use Cloud Garage/Workshop Software to increase profits


One of the best things Auto Genius software can do for your garage business is to streamline it. In other words, the software will make the processes more managed by streamlining everything, from accounting to documentation, reporting, service tracking, billing, etc. It will allow you to manage your business in an easy & affordable way while reducing costs of operations.


The best online auto dealer software can automate a range of tasks in your garage. For instance, it can allow customers to automatically book appointments. Also, it can automate scheduling, status reporting, billing and payments, thus reducing the cost and time of these operations.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Another way the cloud software can help increase profits is by detecting and reducing unnecessary costs. For example, you may have to pay extra for delayed delivery or inefficient service. The software can detect such instances and can bring efficiency through automation, so that you save money and earn more.

Efficiently Manage Labour Costs

Cloud Software for Workshop/Garage/ShowroomThe Auto Genius garage software also has a payroll component, which can be used for efficient management of employees’ records and salaries. By automating tasks such as attendance recording, leave tracking and salary calculation, it can help reduce the probability of human errors, which will ultimately generate more profits in the long-term.

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Be on top of Customers’ needs

Customers are an important part of a garage business. Keeping your customers happy and meeting their requirements is utmost important for the long-term success of your business. The Cloud Software for Bike/Car Workshop is up to the task. It will track & keep up-to-date inventory, allow online service booking & tracking, take customer feedback and ensure the highest standards of services based on user experience.

Offers/Discounts for Loyal Customers

And last but not the least, the Cloud Software for Workshop can automatically recommend the best offers & discounts to your loyal customers based on their loyalty score. This will further help bring more sales through positive word of mouth, which will help increase profits for your garage business.

Boosting the growth and revenue of your auto dealership is easy with the right garage software. Auto Genius for instance is a comprehensive DMS software solution that lets you save money and time on otherwise complex business processes.

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