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Is Cloud-based Transport Software What Your Logistics Business Need?

Is your business using a transport management system? Are you happy with the performance of your TMS software? Do you feel like your software no longer meets your business needs or clients’ expectations?

May be you need to upgrade to a cloud-based Logistics management software.

What is a Cloud-Based TMS?

As the name implies, a cloud-based or online software is the one that runs on the cloud. In other words, it’s a digital application that you can access anywhere at any time from any platform or system. So, whether you’re traveling or working from home, you can stay on top of your transport business operation through a cloud-based software for transport business.

Transport SoftwareTMS systems have been in trend for years. But, the old TMS software just can’t keep up with the increasing demands and expectations of the customers. Moreover, they are mostly desktop-based and can only be accessed and used on a particular system where it is installed. Cloud transport software, on the other hand, is much more flexible, secure and feature-rich.

So now the question is, whether your business needs a cloud-based transport software. If so, how do you choose one?

Let’s start with the basics.

What is a cloud-based TMS and why may you need one?

Most of the transportation companies use some kind of software to streamline the various business processes and get better control over the logistics operations. This is called the transportation management system.

A TMS software can help your business with a range of tasks, including but not limited to, carrier management, load building, freight tracking, reporting, freight billing & audit, freight rating, route planning, procurement, supply chain visibility, among other things. It will also ensure that all the tasks are managed in a completely automated and errorless manner, thus increasing efficiency and productivity and reducing the cost of operations.

But, do you really want a logistics management software that is quite old and hasn’t been updated in years, or do you want a feature-rich, cloud-based, SaaS TMS system that gives you the power to manage your business from anywhere and increase efficiency? I hope it’s the latter.

That brings us to our second question, how to choose the right cloud-based software for transport business.

As the demand for modern, feature-rich cloud transport management systems is increasing, so is the number of software in the market. For a newbie or beginner, it can be really confusing to compare and find the right transport software according to his particular needs.

Software for Transport ManagementWell, the trick is to know just what to look for.

Many of the transport software today claim to be cloud-based and full-featured, but they greatly differ in terms of features, functionality and based on the transportation modes they provide support for. So, you’ll first need to understand your business requirements for TMS. For instance, a cloud-based system is perfect if you are constantly travelling and easily want to manage/control your business from wherever you are. Today’s cloud transport systems are highly efficient and designed to meet the unique requirements of all kinds of transportation entities. Moreover, you can easily customise the software according to your particular needs.

Do you think it’s time for your transport business to upgrade to a cloud-based TMS software? If so, do check out the COGXIM Transport Genius – the best transport software in India.

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